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Oracle’s Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA)

Posted by on Dec 09 2016, in ZDLRA

We’ve posted a database backup Bash shell script for Oracle’s Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) as well as a reporting database refresh script. Designed for an Oracle PeopleSoft reporting database, the refresh script can easily be adjusted to work in any situation where database refreshes are required.

The scripts were tested in an Oracle PeopleSoft environment running Oracle RAC/ASM 12c on Solaris 11 (Oracle SuperCluster T5-8) and a ZDLRA X5 system.

Steps to implement:

Run zdlra.sql to add the protected database. From RMAN, register the database with the recovery appliance catalog. If the database will be backed up using an incremental level 1 strategy utilizing real-time redo, change the redo transport user to the virtual private catalog owner.

Run zdlra.bsh to update the RMAN configuration.

Replace the following references in the scripts with the appropriate values: <appliance admin> <passwd> <zdlra catalog database> <ra cluster SCAN> <virtual private catalog owner> <PeopleSoft database> <protection policy>

Create a clone_<PeopleSoft database>.rcv file for each database as per the clone_CSPRD.rcv example.

Run run_backup.bsh. The first parameter is the database instance. Specify tape as a second command line parameter to automatically schedule a Copy-To-Tape job once the backup completes.

Run refresh_rpt.bsh to refresh a reporting database. The first parameter is the database instance.

Download the code: